Exists for your business

Ibanex Ltd trading as International Bank Exchange was founded by the company director Anthony Francis who has worked in financial services for 20 years in areas such as analytical work, equities, precious metal commodities and forex. Having successfully establishing previous businesses within the financial services sector it was seen that many FX firms fail their clients in many ways. So to address this, we developed a deliverable Forex Exchange company like no other.

We have zero debts and zero investors as we want to build our company organically not having to answer to outside parties other than our clients. This also means we do not have to try and push products and services to you that you do not need just so we can maximise our profit potential or charge you varied spreads or fees on subsequent transfers to satisfy our investors.

We have partnered with a number of leading fintech companies who each provide high class service and systems in various elements of forex and international banking, which gives us a combined 150 years+ experience in this market at director level.

By partnering with these companies we can “pick and mix” each element that our clients require on an individual basis. This offers a truly bespoke service and one which cannot be matched by any other company.