Improving your profits

We offer some of the best rates in the industry but just as importantly we offer you an unparalleled service. To many companies, you’re one of many. To us, you are critically important. We treat each of our clients like you are our only one, ensuring you have our upmost attention to every transaction.

Our experienced team, will work with you to tailor a solution for your business. We have the benefits of world-wide reach with access to a multitude of liquidity providers, but we take the time to provide you with the service to ensure you are getting the right product for your needs.

It’s easy to open an account, with no service or account opening charges. You will receive support and guidance from a dedicated account manager who will keep you updated on the market with the added benefit to access your account online.  You can easily add multiple recipients and send money online in the currencies you need, as well as view your multi-currency statements. However, you are safe in the knowledge that you can always pick up the phone and speak to your dedicated payments specialist.

We do not take any proprietary trading positions and each transaction that is expected is backed immediately by one of the banks or financial institutions on our liquidity panel.

Unlike other foreign exchange companies, we’re not tied down by our own systems, contracts and procedures. We’ve removed the limitations and partnered with a number of companies to ensure that when it comes to offering you that bespoke service, it really is as we will take each element required from each partner to cater for your exact requirements.

All our partners and services providers are fully authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority so you can rest assured your funds are safe at all times.


All our Features & Benefits are included at no cost


Everything You Need

Faster Payments

We can have your international payments sent and received on the same working day in 40 countries. Up to 3 days rest of world.

38 Currencies

Do business anywhere in the world and increase either your buying power or profits by getting the best rates available to 243 countries.

Multiple Products

Spot, Forward, limit, scheduled, vIBANs are all you would need no matter what size business you are. All available with no fees

Hedging & Risk

We’ll help you hedge your positions as well as manage risk effectively ensuring your business is a continued success when dealing with foreign currency.

24/7 Access

Make transfers, schedule payments, view account history and much more using our secure online service 24/7. Otherwise, give us a call.

Dedicated Manager

We’ll assign you with a dedicated manager who will be your single point of contact and will always give your business a priority service.

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Making Business Better

Market Orders

If you have the time to wait for favorable market movements, you can choose to place a Market Order. To do this, you simply nominate your target exchange rate and then we’ll monitor the market’s movements and only execute the trade for you once your desired rate has been reached.

Virtual IBANs

A virtual IBAN is a phantom abnk account in your company name issued by a bank that receives payments and reroutes it to a real bank account. We provide you with a USD and EURO IBAN so you can accept local payments in the USA and Europe. You can even have funds routed directly to your e-Wallet.

Forward Contracts

With transactions involving a future payment, or series of payments over time, a Forward Contract will protect you from adverse market movements throughout your transaction. You can fix an exchange rate for up to one year in advance, with the option to draw on the funds at any time.

Spot Payments

If funds are available and you would like to exchange them immediately, you can enter into a Spot Contract. We’ll secure the best rate available at time of instruction and your currency will be available for onward transfer to any account, as soon as we receive your cleared settlement funds.