The Economic Calendar is a key tool used by professionals all over the world to view upcoming announcements.

The results of these announcements can have large impacts to currency exchange rates. Simply put, if the results strengthen the value of a currency you’ll most likely receive less capital on your exchanged amount, where as the opposite result could be better for you.

Each event is marked with a coloured dot next to the country flag the announcement relates to. This indicates the importance level and how seriously the results of the event could potentially effect the exchange rates for that country’s currency.

Importance level:

= Low
= Medium
= High

To view further instructions on how to understand and use this calendar please see below.

How to guide
Explanation of event

You can click on any scheduled announcement which will display a detailed explanation of its meaning, giving you a better understanding of what the announcement represents and how it works. To close the explanation window, just click the announcement bar again you are viewing

Event results
The results section show “prior” which is the previous results for the previous time this event was announced, “Forecast” is what professionals expect the results to be at the end of the announcement, and “Actual” which are the results of that event. You can scroll back in the calendar to past dates to see the results of announcements.
Click the globe icon to access options
By clicking the Globe icon located at the top left corner of the calendar, you will be able to access the calendar options menu which will allow you to customise which events you would like to see.
Click the ``select importance`` toggle switch
By default only the high importance events are displayed on the calendar. To view all upcoming events which are classed low, medium and high, click this button then click the globe button to close the option screen.
Select continents
These allow you to select which continent you would like to view upcoming events for. The countries available in that continent will be displayed below. Otherwise you may select “all” to view all available countries or “G20” being the 20 strongest global economies.
Select countries to display
You can select which countries you would like displayed in your events calendar by simply clicking on the country. Countries that will be displayed will have a blue circle around the country flag. If you would like to remove a country from your calendar, simply click the country from the option list and the blue circle will be removed from the country flag indicating that events for this country will not be displayed.